Our Laser Marking, Laser Engraving, Laser Etching Services

Laser marking is a precise, durable and quick method of marking materials. A PC-controlled laser beam is used to either discolor the surface of a part or to engrave it by vaporizing material. The laser's position can be very accurately controlled; this allows a variety of detailed effects to be achieved including text and images (logos, lines, etc.). Processing can be done on a wide variety of materials, including metals, plastics, ceramics, wood, and coatings. With laser marking, the laser never comes into contact with the material it is working on - only its beam does. This avoids damage such as touching, dragging or tearing a material's surface caused by mechanical marking methods.

In addition, LMS can provide supplementary services for our customers, including: Assembly, Inventory Storage, and Fulfillment.

Our Services

Laser Marking, Engraving & Etching Examples
  • Marking anodized aluminum or coated products with serial numbers and logos.
  • Marking of CE marks on safety and electrical equipment.
  • Marking of batch numbers and serial numbers for ISO 9000 compliance.
  • Marking of wiring diagrams and symbols directly onto components.
  • Very precise engraving on fragile components such as crystals and oscillators for the electronics industry.
  • Medical instruments and implants.
  • Brand names and logos on promotional items.
  • Removing coatings (ex. to provide electrical connections or grounding).

Advantages Over Other Marking Methods:
  • Cost effective
  • Accuracy
  • Quality
  • Repeatability
  • High Resolution / Detail
  • Non-contact (no clamping required)
  • Curved surfaces can be accommodated within limits
  • Flexibility to accomodate short run sizes
  • Permanence / Durability - resistant to most cleaning processes

Typical Appplications Include:
  • Bearings, Bushings and Valve Bodies
  • Orthopedics
  • Electronic parts
  • Aircraft and aerospace parts
  • Automotive & Motorsports parts
  • Medical implants
  • Hand tools
  • Sports Equipment
  • Dials and gauges
  • Promotional products
  • Wood products
  • Bicycles & Scooters
  • Plastics
We have marked everything from jet engine parts to coconuts.
Assembly of parts & components:
  • We can help you grow by offering you assembly services. Some customers have us assemble after laser marking with drop shipping. Others utitlize us for assembly service without laser marking.
Inventory Storage
  • LMS can provide storage for customer product and then laser mark, assemble and/or ship as needed.
  • LMS can ship products back to you or to their final destination with labels and paperwork specific to the customer's needs.
  • Why Choose Us

    LMS has 20+ years experience with laser marking and our efficient staff provides excellent service. Whether you are a start-up company or a large established corporation we are confident we have the equipment and expertise to meet your needs.

    Please start by taking advantage of a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with one of our highly qualified sales representatives. Arrangements can be made for a sample processing, giving you the opportunity to clearly see the advantage in using Laser Marking Services, Inc.